Copy Files to Multiple Locations

###copy from one machine to multiple paths

$source = “C:\Tools\Sourcefile[.iso]”
$desta = “\\servera\c$\tools\sourcefilefolder”
$destb = “\\serverb\c$\tools\sourcefilefolder”
$destc = “\\serverc\c$\tools\sourcefilefolder”
Copy-Item -Path $source -Destination $desta -Passthru  -Force    | copy -Destination $destb -Passthru  -Force    | copy -Destination $destc -Passthru -Force

### I think ‘-Force’ will force the path  to work if it is not all the way there like a folder directory missing in the destination. ###

This assumes your $source can be a folder or file. It also assumes the destination is not fully mapped out yet. So if you don’t have the sourcefolder all the way mapped through, the -force should help to push that through.

This is most useful to copy your patch to all servers needing the same patch.